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Case analysis of quality problems -- quality control of PCB manufacturing company

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Case analysis of quality problems -- quality control of PCB manufacturing company

2017/09/20 18:04
ExecutivesatPCBmanufacturingareworriedthatalargenumberofprintedwiringboards(PCBs)arealreadyinthehandsoftheircustomers. PCBmanufacturingcompanyproducesprintedcircuitboards(PCBs)fortelevisionsets.Thecom
Executives at PCB manufacturing are worried that a large number of printed wiring boards (PCBs) are already in the hands of their customers.
PCB manufacturing company produces printed circuit boards (PCBs) for television sets. The company has produced printed circuit boards according to customer requirements, and also produced printed circuit boards for TV sets made by ourselves. The cost of each board is $5, and the wholesale price is $8.
One kind of ordinary board usually produces one to two batches, each batch of 1000 boards. Different types of circuit boards also have different batch sizes. The company produces many types of circuit boards every year.
All printed circuit boards manufactured by PCB manufacturing company shall undergo a series of tests to determine whether each board can be shipped. If the shipment of the board is shipped, it will cause a great burden on the PCB because the average board costs 25 dollars. To reduce the problem, PCB has adopted the following quality control procedures:
Each printed circuit board is sent to a test station where electronic testing of standard batteries is carried out; initial inspection of qualified boards can be used for shipment.
Second, the initial detection of substandard boards can also be sent back to the testing center, to do second tests; second inspection qualified board can also ship.
Second failed inspection boards can be sent back to the testing center for third times and tested for third times. Through the third test, the qualified board can also be shipped.
After third tests, still unqualified board is waste.
The electronic test procedure used in the test is very small to the board, so it will not affect the quality of the board. The calibration fee for each batch of boards is $15, but once adjusted, the board is tested without increasing its variable costs.